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New and Improved UI – Luminaut Dev Log #16

Updating our color wheel has added a new UI options. Read inside to see what we’ve changed and added to The Painter’s Apprentice.

Whew, it’s been awhile since we’ve posted an update. We’ve been busy fixing some bugs, making more and fixing those. We kind of felt like this:

bugs in the codeLuckily, we’ve gotten it down to just a handful now. Most of the AI bugs are fixed (or so we hope) and we’re moving along with level creation. So far we’re halfway done with World 3, which means we’ve only got 57 more levels to make. That certainly sounds like a daunting task but that means if we make a level every day the game will be done in around two months, maybe less depending on how quickly we can work on the weekend.

So you know about our new color picker method we mentioned in our previous post? We’ve upgraded it even further to help streamline the mobile user experience. If you press and hold the color you now perform the paintball attack. See it in action below:paintball gif


We’ve also fully implemented the rainbow attack as well. It’s a lot easier to pull off now that it’s connected with the collected paint tubes instead of uninterrupted attacks. We might need to rebalance later on and we still need to make a couple changes, but here it is now.


Speaking of combo meter, we actually changed it. So instead of filling via continuous attacks on enemies, it fills on how many paint tubes you pick up in the level. This should provide more opportunities to pull off the special moves. You also won’t lose all of the paint tubes either if you’re hurt. Instead, you’ll have a few seconds to collect them and refill.


Last but not least, we’ve added a freakin’ sweet painting function for the tiles and background so now you can literally paint the world! It’s something we’d been thinking about implementing for a while and we finally got it just right.

world painting

We’re pretty psyched about these changes. Besides that, we’re looking into adding some more obstacles and puzzle gameplay elements to keep the game fresh, especially since we’re going to have 72 levels. If you’re interested in helping us out, sign up for our newsletter on the sidebar and we’ll get in touch with you once we start alpha testing. We’re looking for feedback on overall gameplay and user experience. We’re thinking the alpha build will likely be done in a couple months. Are you excited? We sure are. If you want to say hi, we’ve been streaming game development every night these past weeks. Generally we start around 8:30pm ET so tune in to our Luminosity Twitch. You can also get ahold of us via Twitter or Facebook.


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