Our Work


Once Upon a Runner

Experience time treasured stories through a new perspective. You play as Ella, a young fire mange, who finds herself whisked away to a fairy tale world full of beauty and danger. You must help her find a way back home all the while running through treachorous paths and battling fearsome enemies. Once Upon a Runner is available on Android and on iOS.


Once Upon a Runner began as a side project to a PC game we had been working on. The PC project proved too ambitious for our small team so we decided to simplify our approach. We took our favorite character from the game – Ella – and decided to go back in time a little to show what kind of character she was and introduce the world. A series of in-game comics guide you through Ella’s story as she goes transforms into a true hero.


House of Red

The House of Red

You wake up in an unfamiliar room without any memory of how you got there. You must solve the mystery of your whereabouts by searching rooms for different clues which will ultimately lead to your escape of this mysterious house. The House of Red was a game created for the 96 Hour Game Jam with Rules. It placed third out of all the submissions.


The House of Red was made by a team of four: Jasmine Greene, Vitor Costa, Augustinas and Ray Flores. As our first game jam, we ran into a couple problems with project scope and eventually had to make the game simple for both the programmer and the artist. What resulted was a very short point-and-click experience. We focused a lot of our attention on the story aspect to draw players in. We hope to expand upon the game with more rooms and a continuation of the story.