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About Luminosity Mobile

Luminosity was formed in 2015 out of the ashes of former game development company SaltyPepper Games. We recognize that people everywhere are incorporating mobile technology in their every day lives. Our goal is to provide simple yet effective apps that can help people throughout the day whether it’s a quick game during your morning commute or an elegant smartwatch face. We are always open to feedback so email us at if you have questions, comments or just want to say hi.

Our Story

While Luminosity might have formed in 2015 the team has been working together for 2+ years under SaltyPepper Games. After the release of their first game – Once Upon a Runner – Jasmine Greene and Ray Flores realized that they wanted to do more with the mobile world than just offer games. In 2015, Luminosity Mobile was officially born as an LLC with Greene as President and Flores as Vice President. Luminosity’s idea of mobile isn’t limited to just smartphones, tablets and wearables. They also include: handheld gaming consoles, micro-consoles (i.e. GameStick) and yes, even laptops.

Our first mobile app – Once Upon a Runner – was released in 2014 on Android. We spawned the game from an original ARPG idea we had been working on. We had several goals in mind when we released Once Upon a Runner:

  1. Build our team.
  2. Use the game as an introduction to the world and characters of the larger ARPG game.
  3. Create a community.

With its release we have been able to accomplish the first two goals and we expect that we will continuously work on building and growing our community. We’ve been lucky enough to show off Once Upon a Runner at the NYC Arcade Demo as well as the Playcrafting Demo nights and we have also spoken at the Boston Festival of Indie Games.







Speaking at Boston Festival of Indie Games

Speaking at PlayCrafting NYC

Once Upon a Runner Gameplay


Once Upon a Runner has been covered by several news outlets. Several choice quotes include:

“…it’s a fun game, and no doubt should end up on the “favorite” list of many a mobile gamer.” Android Rundown

“Once Upon a Runner is an interesting twist on endless runners and fairy tale.” Venturebeat

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If you are press and interested in contacting us please email You can also download all of the images in this .zip file. You can also reach us via:
Facebook – Luminosity Mobile
Twitter – Luminosity LLC
Google+ – Luminosity Mobile