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About Luminosity Mobile


Luminosity was formed in 2015 out of the ashes of former game development company SaltyPepper Games. We recognize that people everywhere are incorporating games on all of their devices whether it’s on console or mobile. We’re working hard to provide you with games that can provide a little bit of light in your life with cheerful, bright and casual games. Our games are designed to appeal to gamers of all ages who want something that’s familiar with a little bit of a twist.

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Luminosity Mobile Team


Besides creating our own IPs, we are happy to partner with you and create games for your business. We have worked with companies such as Legends of Learning to create an educational game about greenhouse gases for middle school aged students. Our business can provide you with a full game studio with capability for 2D and 3D. If you are interested in learning more about our service, please email us at

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