masterpainterWhen not in painting mode, the Master Painter tends to be scatterbrained and flippant. He rarely pays attention when people are talking and won’t be able to recall a conversation he had with someone just five minutes ago, to the Apprentice’s chagrin. While well into his 60s, he still often acts child-like, pouting and sulking when he doesn’t get what he wants. Often, the Apprentice feels like a babysitter despite the Master Painter being five times as old as him. Despite, or perhaps because of, this lackadaisacal personality, The Master Painter has many friends. He rarely has to go out shopping as his friends bring over food and wine almost daily. Many stay to listen to stories of his youth, which are always full of adventure and magic. In fact, one of his favorite stories is how he got his paintbrush.

During his own Apprentice years, the Master Painter saw a beautiful girl with jet black hair and rose red┬álips collapsed in a forest. She was covered in scratches and her hair was a tangled mess. It was obvious to him she had been wandering the forest for quite some time. Despite her ragged appearance, she still looked divine sleeping beside a trickling stream. The sunlight filtered through the leaves gave her an almost angelic glow. His painter nature took over and he immediately pulled out his pad, brush and paint and tried to capture the moment. No matter how many drafts he went through though, he could not create one that satisfied him. After a few hours, she awoke from her slumber and jumped at the sight of him. Before she could run away, he explained what happened and his conundrum. “How I wish I had the ability to truly render the spectacular scene,” he moaned. With a smile, she conjured up a paint brush for him and said, “This paintbrush will allow you to create whatever it is you desire by giving you the ability to tame the paint. You can create anything you see or think of with this.” After he took it, she disappeared and he hasn’t seen her since. He has never told the story to The Apprentice for fear the teenager would lose respect for him.

When he is painting, the Master Painter becomes a completely different person. He is focused and serious, barely speaking unless to ask for more paint or a new canvas. His concentration is so great he will often go days without sleep.

 Master Painter Information

  • 65 years old
  • Favorite food: everything except for rhubarb
  • Created 500 paintings ranging in style from Impressionism to Neo-Expressionism
  • Wears ear plugs when painting
  • Owns 5 sets of the same outfit with identical paint splatters
  • Never married