Game Development Resolutions

A new year means time to set ambitious goals. Here is a short list of game development resolutions for Luminosity Mobile in 2017.

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There’s nothing quite like a new year to really turn over a new leaf. There’s a lot we weren’t so great about in 2016, but 2017 is the year to take a step forward and make some changes. While you don’t need to wait a full year to up your game, it certainly does help to have a fresh 12 months ahead of you. So here are a few of our resolutions for 2017:

Game Development Resolutions

  • More consistent blog posts – we plan on posting twice a week. One of those posts will be a game development blog.
  • Finish up The Painter’s Apprentice this year! We’re pretty excited with how things are going and while we’re certainly looking for ways to improve, we’re also pushing ourselves to get the game out. Finger crossed!
  • Prototype faster. Hopefully we can actually get a steady game development cycle in place so it doesn’t take us so long to produce games.
  • Maybe take part in a game jam. I’ve been looking at the 1 game a month jam for a while now. No better time to start like the present.
  • Contract work. It’s something we’ve been looking into for a while and we actually got our first last month. If it goes well, we can go on to take on more work of this kind. Not only will it increase our repertoire, it also will help us fund future events and keep our company rolling.
  • Get our game through Steam Greenlight! (Hint, hint: vote for us)

That’s pretty much it for us. What are your new year’s resolutions for your game or company? Let us know in the comments below!


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