Meet the Mover

The Mover

Quick to anger and relentless in his pursuit, the Mover tends to strike fear not only in his enemy, but his allies as well. Beneath his gruff exterior, the Mover is actually soft-hearted and kind. He gets nervous easily around others and covers this up by trying to act “tough.” In fact, he’d rather sit in a flowery field and write poetry. When action calls, however, he dons his tough guy persona and puts his all into the task at hand. He is good friends with the Lil’ Blob, seeing him more as a little brother than anything else.

As the first boss, the Mover doesn’t have any particular tricks or special moves up his sleeve. Instead, he prefers a more direct approach of attack. Using his long arms, he attacks anything that gets close enough and will follow those in his direct line of sight.


Basic Info:

  • 25 HP
  • Damages for 1 HP
  • Drops 15 paint tubes
  • World 1 Boss