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Lil Blob – Character Introduction

Tiny, cute and a bit of a pacifist, the Lil Blob won’t outright attack his enemies. Instead he prefers blocking their path as best as he can if only to slow them down a bit. While he doesn’t fight back if being attacked, he positions himself in places where his enemies might accidentally land or run into him in order to deal damage. Whether this makes him non-aggressive or simply lazy is anyone’s guess. Although he might not be as active as other blobs, Lil Blob is one of the most loyal and a true supporter of the BlobĀ Freedom Front (BFF). He is always ready to jump into the fray and help others when necessary.

Lil Blob Basic Facts

  • lil blobHP – 5
  • Non-attacking
  • Non-moving
  • Comes in three varieties: Red, Yellow and Blue
  • No special move required to damage

As the most basic enemy type, Lil Blob appears from the very beginning and continues to be an enemy throughout the various paintings. Although he isn’t as intimidating as the Giant Blob nor as strong as the Knight Blob, all the paint blobs consider him the mascot of their cause thanks to his unwavering spirit and perseverance in the face of adversity. As the smallest member of the BFF he is often coddled by his peers. He pretends to dislike the special treatment, but in truth he enjoys being the little brother of the group.


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